QS Consorzio Qualità Salerno

Commission vegetables Centre Agrifood of Salerno, knowing that, to this day, thanks to globalization and multimedia the value of aproduct is perceived in relation to the brand that best represents it, they decided tocreate a consortium for the purpose ofprotection, promotion and marketing of fruit and vegetables that are picked up at the Center for Agrifood the City of Salerno.

The Consortium represents the best legal form to allow entrepreneurs and businesses to establisha different relationship of mutual cooperation to meet common needs.

The Consortium is created to achieve goals that no member undertaking alone would be able to realize.

Unlike society, the aim of the consortium is seeking to create a profit, but to the realization of benefits for the partners. This consortium was established with the specific idea of satisfying all the needs of a bureaucratic, administrative, logistical, commercial and promotional activitieswhich, if addressed jointly may bring a direct and immediate benefit to each of the member companies.